3 Tips To Help You Trash Your Old Box Spring

Posted on: 19 February 2020

With gel-infused mattresses becoming more popular, many homeowners are looking to rid themselves of their old box springs after investing in a new mattress. A bulky item like a box spring can be challenging to dispose of properly.

There are some specific things that you need to do when trashing your old box spring to make sure it gets disposed of properly.

1. Ask About Large Item Pickup

You may be able to rely on your local garbage person to help you dispose of your old box spring. Each city has its own rules and regulations when it comes to putting bulky items at the curb for pickup.

You should contact the waste removal company that services your area to determine if and when large items can be picked up. Some companies will dispose of large items on a specific day of the week; others will only allow for large item disposal during neighborhood cleanup periods.

Make sure you understand the large item pickup rules in your area before you drag your box spring to the curb.

2. Contact the Local Landfill

In addition to checking with your waste management company to determine if someone can pick up your box spring on trash day, you will need to contact the local landfill to verify that they accept box springs.

Many landfills ban box springs because they take up too much room. The steel springs found in many box springs can become wrapped and tangled around landfill equipment and create problems within trash processing plants.

If your landfill doesn't accept box springs, you will need to hire a garbage removal service.

3. Hire a Professional Trash Removal Service

Trash removal specialists can dispose of a box spring with ease. Many companies choose to recycle old box springs instead of sending them to a private landfill. The coil springs within the box spring can be removed, recycled, and used in new metal applications.

Sending a box spring through the recycling process allows you to not only get rid of a bulky item you no longer use, but reduce your environmental footprint as well.

Disposing of an obsolete box spring isn't always as easy as it sounds. A box spring is bulky, heavy, and has the potential to take up valuable space in public landfills. Work with a trash removal expert to help you get rid of your old box spring safely and effectively.