What's Your Waste? Three Kinds of Waste Removal Services and How to Get Them

Posted on: 29 October 2018

Waste removal refers to many different kinds of waste. Without specifying which kind of waste you mean, you cannot really hire any sort of waste hauling services. To get to the point, there are three kinds of waste hauling services

Large Quantities of Junk or Recyclables

Whether you want to throw away a lot of household or construction trash or need to recycle a ton of recyclables, dumpsters are the way to go. Dumpsters can haul away an entire household of junk and/or recyclables, but you will need to choose the size of dumpster and specify if it is for recycling or trash. There are several dumpster rental companies all over the place, so you will have to call around to get a quote and arrange for the pickup and delivery of your dumpster(s).

Human Waste 

Human waste refers to urine, excrement, and blood. Typically, this waste removal service is called upon for septic tank owners, but it may also be utilized if you have porta-potties on the property. Portable toilets need to be cleaned out if you rent them for more than a few days, and/or you are hosting an event for a crowd. This service manages only human waste products, so only call them if they rent porta-potties, clean porta-potties, or empty your septic tank.

Scrap Recycling

Scrap recycling is big business. You can make a little money while getting rid of a lot of unwanted recyclable materials. For example, maybe you have two or more old junk cars sitting on your property. The scrap recyclers will come and pick up these cars, and then pay you based on the current price per pound of scrap metal. Likewise, the same can be done with aluminum, glass bottles, steel, and plastics. If you collect a very large quantity of one or more of these materials on a regular basis, the company that picks it up and pays you will actually give you a dumpster into which to drop these materials. When it is full, you call them to let them know you have a full scrap bin, and they arrange to pick it up and pay you what you are owed for your hard work. It is considered "waste removal" from the standpoint that you are collecting and removing a lot of wasted scrap materials from the area where you live and the company paying you is taking care of the rest.