Dashing Through The Garbage, In An Open Dumpster For Rent: Christmas Clean-Up Made Easy

Posted on: 20 December 2016

To the tune of Jingle Bells, you can sing "Dashing through the garbage, in an open dumpster for rent, Christmas clean-up made easy, it seems so heaven sent!" Given the tree, the wreath, the wrappings and trappings from presents and the leftover crumbs from the feast, you can just see it, can't you? A dumpster for rent this holiday season may be exactly what you need, especially if you are the one hosting your family's festivities this year. Here is how that would work.

A Week before Christmas

Yes, the week of insanity is upon you, but if you want a dumpster this time of year, you need to order it at least a week in advance. With the holidays, you may even need two weeks, but a week is usually sufficient. Find your dumpster rental company locally, ask to rent a small dumpster for a few days, and then schedule to have it dropped on the 23rd, since they probably will not be open and working on Christmas Eve or Day. Put it close to whichever door you typically haul garbage out of, and then it is there when you need it.

During Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Bag up your trash just as you would any other year. When you get a couple of full bags together, go out and drop it in the dumpster instead of your usual garbage can(s). The dumpster can hold all of your holiday trash and then some, so just skip using your own cans for now. You can even chuck your turkey carcass, ham bones and your Aunt Sally's runny gelatin in there too! (Just be sure to bag it up first!)

Your Pick-up Date

At the time that you call to rent your dumpster and have it delivered in time for the holiday, be sure to schedule your pick-up date then too. The day after Christmas may be a little packed for dumpster rental companies to do pick-ups, but if they have an opening, take it. If not, you may have to keep the dumpster for an extra day or two. If you have a few relatives staying past Christmas, then it might be nice to have the dumpster for that extra time.

Do Not Forget the Tree and Wreath (If Applicable)

If you had a real tree and/or a real wreath this year, be sure to get those into the dumpster before it is picked up. It helps to invert the tree so that it goes in top first, like spear. Then it is less likely to fall out as the dumpster rental truck rolls down the street and out of sight with your holiday garbage.

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