Decreasing the Risk of Garbage Intrusions by Wildlife

Posted on: 10 August 2016

If you have experienced instances where your garbage cans were tipped over due to animals trying to gain entry, you will most likely want to stop this occurrence from happening. Failing to take steps to protect your garbage from wildlife invasions could lead to a huge mess of trash either on your property, or worse, the property of a neighbor. Try some of the following tips to eliminate garbage-can tip-overs altogether.

Use the Right Garbage Cans to Keep Trash Contained

If your garbage receptacles are easily tipped or do not have secure lids in place, they will most likely continue to knocked over by wildlife. It may be best to head to a store or online service to buy sturdier cans so animals have more difficulty gaining entry. There are a variety of garbage containers available on the market that keep animals from getting inside. Lids that lock into place or cans with weighted bottoms may be beneficial if you live in an area where there is a lot of wildlife. 

Deter Animals with Some Sound, Light, or Plastic Animals

To help keep wildlife away from your trash on garbage-pickup day, consider adding a few deterrents to the area where you place your cans. Add wind chimes in nearby trees or hanging from the bottom of your mailbox. If there is nowhere to hang chimes, drape them on the handle of one of your garbage cans.

Consider placing lighting near your cans if pickup occurs during early morning hours when it is still dark outdoors. Motion-detection lighting will work well at scaring animals away from your cans. Solar lighting may also be enough to illuminate the area. Place a few plastic owls or hawks near your cans to scare smaller animals from the area. 

Minimize the Amount of Odor Emitted from Your Trash Cans

If your cans are exceptionally pungent, animals will be more apt to try to get inside to find a food source. Place biodegradable food scraps in a compost pile instead of throwing them in your household garbage. Sprinkle the insides of your cans with a deodorizing powder. This can be done after rinsing them well with a garden hose after garbage pickup.

Double-bagging your trash will also help keep odor from being emitted as readily. A deodorizing powder can also be sprinkled in the bottom of each garbage bag before you add trash. When storing trash before pickup, make sure the trash is in a cool area away from sunlight, as heat will make the smell worse.

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