Items From Your Garage That You Can Probably Throw Out

Posted on: 5 August 2016

For many homeowners, the garage becomes a place in which unwanted items are jettisoned. Over time, this can mean that your garage becomes highly cluttered to the point that you can hardly fit a bicycle or lawnmower in it, much less an actual vehicle. This isn't to say that everything in your garage is worth being thrown out, but there are likely some things that you can part with. Before the next garbage day, pledge to fill a garbage can with unneeded items from your garage — and then repeat this approach each week until the space is much more manageable. Here are some common garage items that you don't need to keep.

Worn-Out Seasonal Items

Many people store seasonal decorations in the garage, but some of these items can get damaged or worn out through years of use, and simply begin taking up space. For example, if you keep Christmas decorations in a box, you can throw out things such as a wreath that has bare spots, tinsel that is sparse, lights that don't work and candy canes that are probably past their best-before date. Tossing a bunch of these decorations should allow you to store your Christmas items in smaller boxes, which will eventually begin to help your garage feel less cluttered.

Old Sports Gear

While it's true that you may have a sentimental attachment to some pieces of old sports gear, whether they belonged to you or your kids, some such items can be discarded. Things such as badminton rackets in which the stringing is broken, tennis balls with the covering worn off and soccer cleats that no longer fit are items that appear in the garages of many homes, and simply gather dust year after year. While you may be able to donate some gently used sporting equipment to a local charity, the reality is that the worn-out items should be placed in the trash.

Parts Of Equipment That You No Longer Own

A home's garage can become a cemetery for various parts of equipment that you no longer own. For example, you may inexplicably be keeping a bag attachment to a lawnmower that you replaced a couple years ago, or some cables to an old TV that are no longer compatible with your newer HD model. Take some time to identify these items; there's absolutely no point in keeping them and allowing them to add to the clutter of the space.

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