Use Leftover Construction Material To Make Items For Your House

Posted on: 28 January 2016

There is usually a good amount of leftover materials after most construction jobs. These materials are sometimes wasted by being added to a landfill or left as a heap of junk that is an eyesore and a breeding ground for rodents. Sometimes the materials are recycled by companies like Ware Disposal. However, you could also recycle construction materials yourself, but in a different way. If you have materials left over from a recent construction job you worked on, then you should learn about some of the great ways you can use those materials to create unique items for your yard and home.

Make wooden furniture

Gather all the leftover wood and select appropriate sizes to build a table and/or chairs. The great thing about making outdoor furniture from left over wood is you don't have to worry too much about measurements and perfect designs. Simply make sure everything is level and sturdy. You can hone your furniture-making skills by putting in practice and learning from your mistakes along the way.

Make a unique metal mailbox post

Leftover scrap metal from the construction job can be used to make a very industrial looking mailbox post. This is where you can put your creativity to the test and really see what you are capable of doing. You can stack and fit the scrap metal while welding it together in order to create a sturdy post to hold your mailbox. Try getting very creative and forming the post into the shape of a T-Rex or another tall sculpture.

Make stepping stones

If you have leftover concrete, you can put it to good use by making stepping stones. You can make plain ones or you can turn it into a family project and create ones with hand prints, mosaic designs, stamped designs or handwritten messages. Mix the concrete, pour it into cake pans and decorate the surface. To decorate the stepping stones, you can push broken glass pieces or glass beads into the surface, use a stick to write in the concrete, use cookie cutters to push shapes into the stepping stone or decorate it in whatever other creative ways you come up with. Once the concrete is dry, you can turn the pan upside down and pull out the stepping stone. Allow the ones you make to cure for about a week before actually stepping on them.

These are just a few of the ways you can put leftover construction scrap and material to good use. You can come up with many other things you can make on your own.