Having A Cleanup Day In Your Town

Posted on: 7 August 2015

If you have noticed a lot of areas along the sides of roads in your town that have trash present, and you wish to do your part in helping to remove it, consider hosting a cleanup day to get other people in your community to help you with the process of beautifying your streets. A cleanup day is a great event for a scouting group or environmental club to undertake, and it would show town spirit by being actively involved in volunteer work. Here are some steps you can take when hosting a town cleanup day of your own.    

Let Officials Know

Go to your town building to let officials know of your intentions on contributing to the cleanup on the streets around town. Most likely there will be no trouble and they will be glad someone steps forward to give a helping hand. It is best to ask though because they can recruit others to help you out. They will also let you know if there are any reasons the date you wish to hold the event should be changed, such as street cleaning or a parade being scheduled.

Recruit Members

Make up some fliers to hang in local businesses announcing your idea so anyone wishing to join will know when and where to meet. Spread the word to your friends on social media sites and via email and ask them to pass it along to others. Inform members to bring along a pair of heavy-duty gloves on the day of the event. Consider giving away a prize to an individual or group that collects the most bags of trash, making the event seem like a fun way to try to win a gift.

Rent A Dumpster

Find out if the town building would be willing to have you rent a dumpster to place on their property. If are unable to accommodate this request, have someone in town keep a dumpster on their property for the day of the event. Let the dumpster service (such as Discount Rubbish Removal Co) know in advance that you would prefer the receptacle is removed within a day or two so they can schedule a truck to pick it up. Find out if they offer dumpsters for recyclables as well.

Hand Out Materials

When everyone is gathered to begin, hand out garbage bags to each person for their collection. Consider having white bags for household trash and black bags for recyclables. Give each participant a sheet of stickers with their name on it if you plan on hosting a competition. One should be adhered to each bag the person fills. 

Collect The Trash

Have a friend drive around in a pickup truck collecting the trash bags participants had collected and have them transport the trash to the dumpster area. They can also check on people working to see if they need more garbage bags. Someone can be in charge of tallying up the bag count before they are placed inside the dumpster if you are holding a contest. At the end of the event, have everyone come back to the dumpster to give the award or to thank everyone for their hard work. Your town is now clean!